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Final Report Analytical

The CEO of your company, Rebecca Clary, is considering more flexible work practices.  Choose one of the following options currently under consideration:

1) Telecommuting one or two days per week or

2) A modified work schedule, such as four ten-hour days per week, nine nine-hour days per two week period, or flexible start and end times

The Human Resources Department conducted a survey to collect primary data from employees regarding their flexible work practice preferences for both option 1 and option 2.  The results of the surveys for both option 1 and option 2 are provided within the Module.

Ms. Clary asked you to evaluate the survey data (primary data) and supplement these data with outside research (secondary sources) that would help her determine if switching schedules is a good business decision.  The secondary sources should include credible data from third party researchers or from companies that have implemented work schedule changes.

Well-thought out arguments for and against the option you choose to research are required.  Ms. Clary also expects your recommendations to reflect the research and data presented in the report. Personal opinions are irrelevant.

Your final deliverable is a well-researched, unbiased analytical report evaluating the feasibility of one of the two listed options above.

You must use the Final Analytical Business Report template provided as a Word document in the Module.  Not only is the template a good example of a technical business report writing format, it also contains suggestions on how to organize your final analytical report.

Required elements of your Final Analytical Business Report:

  1. Cover Page – You are welcome to design an attractive cover page layout, but be sure to include the report title, the sponsor name (your CEO), the sponsor’s organization, and the date of completion.  There is no page number on the cover page.
  2. Contents Page – The headings and sub-headings should be exactly what is written in the report.  Be sure to use informative headings.
  3. Table of Figures Page
  4.  Executive Summary – The executive summary is an essential part of the report. The reader should have enough information from this summary to make an informed decision without reading the rest of the report.
  5. Body of Report, including
    • introductory paragraph
    • problem statement
    • purpose statement
    • research questions
    • methodology
    • discussion of findings/research
    • a minimum of two graphs/figures
    • conclusions
    • recommendations
  6. Sources in APA style
  7. Appendix (at least 1) – Use the file “Primary Data – Telecommuting” or “Primary Data – Flex” for your Appendix A. An in-body citation for the appendix is required. Most students cite the appendix in the methodology section.  Others prefer to reference the appendix when they discuss the survey data in the discussion of findings section.

ISS – Technology Security

Any topic related to Technology security.

You must produce a minimum of a 8 pages paper. You must use a minimum of 5 references.

– Assure you are citing in APA format

-You must use a minimum of one graphics (may use a table)

– Double space the paper

– You must use APA formatting (6th Edition)

Assessment Of Community-Level Barriers

For the second written assignment of the course, you will continue in the design of your proposed model program by demonstrating your understanding of your selected population’s challenges, which negatively impact this group’s health and well-being. Based on this week’s research, conduct an assessment of the barriers, limitations, and other distinguishing features, as they exist within your community.

  • Prepare a recap of the model program for your community that you originally shared in the week 2 written assignment.  As stated in the Week Two directions, changes to the potential program can be made as you research and develop the focus of the program.
  • Analyze and discuss at least three critical barriers that impact the health and well-being of your chosen group; one must be a micro-level (individual) barrier that is financial, one must be a macro-level (community/state) barrier that relates to access and funding for care, and  the third barrier may be one of your choosing.
  • Discuss at least one proposed solution for each barrier. Your solution for the micro barrier must include an analysis of various potential funding options (both independent and integrated). Your solution for the macro barrier must include an analysis of financing resources for health care.
  • Research and analyze the regulatory, legal, ethical, and accreditation requirements and issues for the service(s) offered in your proposed program.  Discuss how each will impact the management of the program.

Your assignment should be a minimum of three pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and should include a minimum of three scholarly sources cited according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Please note: All assignments in this course are progressive; therefore you should use the same population selected in your Week Two assignment. The Week Two assignment’s contents do not need to be re-submitted with this assignment.

Week6 Assignment 1

To prepare for this Assignment:
Review your Weekly Journal entries, your initial Discussion posts, Assignments submissions, and Self-Assessments.
Consider how you have grown or changed your perspective throughout this course.
Were you surprised by any of the scores you received? What resources will you use this term to enhance your skills in the areas that you’ve covered?

Draft Of Departmental Impact On Reimbursement

Departmental Impact on Reimbursement

A. Describe the impact of the departments at this healthcare organization that utilize reimbursement data. What type of audit would be necessary to determine whether the reimbursement impact is reached fully by these departments? How could the impact of these departments on pay-for- performance incentives be measured?

B. Assess the activities within each department at this healthcare organization for how they may impact reimbursement.

C. Identify the responsible department for ensuring compliance with billing and coding policies. How does this affect the department’s impact on reimbursement at this healthcare organization?

Week 6 Rel Disc

“The Role of the Torah and Special Covenant”  Please respond to the following:

  • Discuss the significance of the “special covenant” between the Jewish people and God.
  • Name at least two examples of this covenant in the Jewish religion from Covenants given to either  Abraham ,Noah,or  Moses and specifically what it promises.
  • In light of the Palestenian dispute of Israeli land today, what does God’s Covenant with Israel from the past strongly teach regarding who owns the land?

Theology Discussion Board

Review the various models of church polity. Which one do you believe is most faithful biblically? Provide supporting evidence for your belief.

300 words count

Theology Discussion Board Replies

In each reply, ask specific, pointed questions regarding your classmate’s thread, outlining a common objection to his or her chosen model of church polity. Remember that all replies must adhere to Student Expectations. This exercise is meant to challenge your classmates to think through objections critically, not to attack their position or beliefs.


Critically evaluate the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade (1973) in light of the arguments presented by Noonan, Thomson and Warren. When do you think abortion is justified? Defend your answer.

Cover Letter

After you have read and reviewed the Cover Letter Guide, please complete the following assignment.  The purpose of this assignment is to create a professional cover letter, demonstrating your ability to apply your unique educational and professional experiences to a job opportunity of your choosing.

1. Based on what you have learned from the Cover Letter Guide, create a professional cover letter.  Use the same job opportunity that you explored within the Unit 3 Discussion Board.  Be sure to include all relevant information:

  • Heading
  • Contact Information of Recipient
  • Greeting
  • Introductory Paragraph
  • Middle Paragraph
  • Closing Paragraph
  • Closing
  • Your Name

Please view the attached Cover Letter Score Sheet for further information. You can also access a resume template if needed in Student Resources